About High Top Trees Christmas Tree Farm

About High Top Trees


High Top Trees is a family run Christmas Tree Farm located in Westford, Vermont.  It all began in 1994.   Hank Listenik is the hard working person behind these beautiful natural balsam Vermont grown Christmas trees.  You will see him in the woods shearing in the hot summer and helping you in the winter select the perfect tree.  He has a giant (yes he is huge) german shepard, his name is Bub.  Bub likes to bark, greet you and then go on his merry way.  He is Hanks best worker. Along with Bub, Hank has his family help out in the field, either planting, mowing and or helping on the weekends.   You may see his wife Cyndi and his kids Heather and Tyler helping to assist on the weekends during the winter season.  As a family we take pride in our trees and can't wait to share them with you! 

High Top Tree’s is located in Westford,  off Route 15, on Allen Irish and Buchanan Lane.  It’s very close to the Underhill Gun Club. There is no google  address as its a beautiful lot in the woods.  Follow the cut your own signs through the long dirt roads.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery.  The location is the best part about High Top Tree’s.  Its the real deal. It’s simple.  It’s on a dirt road.  In the woods.  Come prepared, you will need some good boots,  gloves and warm clothing.  Bring a camera and take some family pictures.  

We will provide saws, sleds and bailing.  If needed we have a tractor and or four-wheeler to help bring the tree up to your car or truck. 

Bub at High Top Trees Christmas Tree Farm
Bub at High Top Trees Christmas Tree Farm